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A Cat's Eye View of Life and Love by Sterling
With Gentle Self-Help for All Ages

Look around your world. Is it peaceful, joyful, meaningful, and filled with friendships and intimacy? Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to create the life you want? Welcome to my book, A Cat’s Eye View of Life and Love, where you’ll discover how I face the challenges in my world, experience love and find peace. My motto is Live and Love.

Publication Date: February 12, 2009
Publisher: LifeWords
Co-Author: Marta Felber

Grief Expressed: When a Mate Dies

The Limited Edition of Grief Expressed: When a Mate Dies is available only at LifeWords. A limited-edition printing of this successful book comes personally autographed by the author. It has European type flaps on the cover, which can be used as bookmarks. There are two marble-like pages in the front and back of the book, to take you from the four color cover to the comforting inside. The book is put into a white sleeve that folds securely around it, protecting the book when not in use...

Grief Expressed: When a Mate Dies

“This book will become a classic” was the prediction of persons in the field of grief, when it was first published in 1997. It is well on its way, with a January 2008 new edition printing. It remains the only book available that offers a widowed person’s actual grief work, and invites others to journey by the side of the author. Space is provided, on pages with trees and flowers in the background, for the reader to make their own notes. The book becomes a treasure, and a testimony to “There is life during, and beyond, grief.”

Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies

In Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies, Marta Felber offers the voice of a friend -- caring, hopeful, always pointing ahead to a tomorrow that will be a little easier than today. Having experienced her own spouse's death, Felber is never glib or simplistic. She knows the grief her readers are feeling and she encourages them to give it full expression. At the same time, she offers sound, practical suggestions on how to navigate difficult days.

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