Sterling /Upside Down World
by Sterling the Cat

Yes, She turned my world upside down! The She I am referring to is Cali, the cat that Marta chose to invite into our world. I was not consulted, and I resent that, from every hair tip to hair root. I can remember, quite vividly, when life was peaceful around here. I went to sleep each night by Marta’s side, in our big bed. I was trained not to approach her until the music came out of the box. We had our private greet-the-day time. Marta would stoke my fur and talk about what a wonderful day it was going to be. I waited patiently for her return from a trip to the bathroom. Then the bed had to be made, before we went to the kitchen. My food was presented in my bowl, one bowl, and I could eat in peace, as much as I wanted. Next I got brushed, while I held still and was told what a good cat I was. After a short playtime I went on the deck and watched the birds begin their day. What a wonderful life it had been, in a wonderful world.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is the same! The Intruder has completely invaded my world. At night she comes into our bedroom. She even sleeps above Marta’s head, plays in her hair, and sometimes licks her face. Can you imagine that? I know better, of course. No waiting for the music. The Intruder has us up long before the music comes out of the box. It is dark indoors and dark outdoors. She has a bowl for food, next to mine, as if we could ever be equals. I’ve got news for her. No one, no one, will belong to Marta, as I do. Playtime is no longer playtime. Marta has a dangling toy in each hand and tries to keep us both entertained. I can’t focus on what is in front of me. I am watching the Intruder the whole time, out of the corner of my eye.

But I have not told you the worst. The Intruder has her own litter box, but she sometimes uses mine! I can always tell when she has been there. What a smell! I march to hers and do the biggest job I can. So there! Then I sit and think. What am I going to do to get rid of the Intruder? I try growling, deep in my throat. The Intruder must be deaf. She marches past me, not daring to look me in the eye. She rolls balls past me, as if I were not there. She must be blind. I can take it just so long. I crouch, gather all my strength, and jump her! I pin her down and bite her in the neck, hard. She yells, and Marta comes running.

Marta has to peel me off. She puts us in separate rooms, with the doors closed. I resent being punished for something I had to do. Next comes the lecture from Marta. “Ling, Cali is a nice kitty. She wants to be friends with you. Be kind to Cali." I turn this lecture off, just like I always turn off Marta’s lectures. I plan to do everything in my power to make the Intruder’s life so miserable that she will choose to go away.


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