Sterling /New Home
by Sterling the Cat

This place is big! I felt cramped in the shelter, and now I feel lost. There are some closed doors. I have a small room where my litter box is placed. I have investigated every inch of that room. My food bowl is in the kitchen. That room is too big. I don’t eat unless Marta is in the kitchen with me. In fact, I don’t eat very much at all. Even though I didn’t like the shelter food, I was used to it. This food is different. Everything is different.

Where is Marta? I search and search until I find her in a room I have not explored. She is sitting on a chair facing a screen and moving her fingers around in front of her. I crawl under the desk where I can see her feet, and I go to sleep.

I hear Marta talking to someone on the phone, “I brought Sterling home today. He has been sleeping under my computer desk for over four hours! I wonder if he is okay. Do you suppose the screaming cats at the shelter kept him awake half the time? I guess he will come out when he is ready. I’d like to hold him. I hope he lets me.”

Things are too different for me to handle. I’m going to sleep for a long, long time. When I wake up I will take it slowly, step by step.




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