Healing /One Hundred and Twenty Buttons to Go

All I can see are 120 teeny, tiny white buttons down the front of the Egyptian gallabiya I will wear. Even though my hands are shaking, I manage to fasten twenty at the bottom. It takes forever! With my eyes still focused on the buttons, I wiggle into the garment and quickly begin buttoning again. Only one hundred to go! I’m finding them more difficult to button when I am inside. I must get them all fastened quickly! We are late already, and Joe is not here. How long will they wait for us? My fingers fumble on every button. But the gap is starting to close. Maybe eighty to go. The loops must be getting smaller because they just won’t fit over the tiny buttons made of cord. I mumble my "gentle" swear words under my breath, but that doesn’t seem to help. How many more of these tiny white buttons can there possibly be? Are they multiplying?

I hear the door bang and running footsteps. Thank God! But all I see are little white buttons, not fastened. I keep buttoning. The running feet find me and a voice says, "Why aren’t you ready? We are late!" Footsteps come very near. I look down, and large, slender hands are pushing mine to the top of the row. Joe is kneeling and beginning to button from where I stopped at the bottom. I am buttoning down from the top. Even with larger fingers, he is going faster than I. My hands are sweating! We are getting closer. Together, we are joining the two sides, as we are joining our lives. I no longer have to count. He fastens the last one! The gap is closed. The row of tiny white buttons disappears as Joe crushes me against him and gives me a tender just-before-wedding kiss.

Notes from Marta:

Find an object that has deep meaning for you. It could be your wedding ring, a special gift, some dear treasure from your childhood, or a "find" from your travels.

Focus on the object while you write or tell your story that circles around it. Never let your eyes leave the object. Remember to share.


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