Consider Your Wedding Ring
from Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies

It may be that the most powerful symbol of your marriage is the ring you have worn since you spoke your marriage vows. Now you have to decide what to do about this small object that means so much to you.

Consider the voices of those who continue to wear their rings:

Of course, there are also those who choose to stop wearing their rings:

  • "I am no longer married. My ring is a symbol of the marriage that ended.
  • "I am ready for a new life, and perhaps a new relationship."
  • "Taking off my rings does not mean I am looking for a new relationship. It simply means that I am not married."
  • "My loved one was ill for so many years. I need to move on."
  • "When I took off my rings I knew that I had finally faced the fact that my loved one had died."
  • "I had my own ceremony when I took off my ring."

There are also many creative options for you to consider. Rings may be taken off and made into different forms of jewelry. Some are passed on to heirs. Others are worn on the other hand or on a chain around the neck. It is your personal choice to remove your rings or to continue to wear them. With either choice, you can always remember what your rings symbolized and the love you shared.

Dear God, As with other big decisions, I can take my time to consider taking off my wedding rings. I trust you to be with me through this and all decisions.... Amen.

Scripture Passages for Reflection:

Genesis 2:18-24
Romans 7:1, 2


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