The internet is so huge, and it is easy to get lost! With this in mind, below is a beginning list of sites you may find helpful in your search for additional comfort, inspiration, and creative thinking.

A short description for each is provided. You will want to explore these sites on your own, however, to meet your personal needs.

More sites will be added as they are discovered, so remember to return. Thank you. LegacyConnect offers fellowship, wisdom and support after a loss. Share your story and connect with other members who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, find comfort and inspiration through helpful articles from grief experts, and begin to heal. offers archives of articles, stories, and poems from past issues, providing a wealth of material. You can send an eSympathy card or design an eMemorial. Both are free. There is an online Support Group. Current Conferences and Events are listed. Tasteful grief gifts are presented for purchase. is an up-to-date site opening with arresting crying eyes. There are helpful grief resources, with an emphasis on health and well-being. You will find descriptive book reviews. An unusual feature is a page of stories about widows in other countries. Another page gives education about Hospice and personal experiences of workers. James E. Miller, the creator of this site, is a writer and photographer, trainer and speaker, grief counselor and clergyman. He presents advice for grieving, illness, transition, and caregiving. Beautifully designed electronic cards, with an understanding message, can be sent free from this site. His books, cassettes, and videos are suitable for personal use or for gifts. Linda Crawford, a bereaved parent, and Cindy Clark, a certified child life specialist, offer helpful products to deal with serious illness, grief and loss. Their excellent Grief-Related Kits for Toddlers, Ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12 and Teens are beneficial in the field of grief recovery. You will also find a Grief-Related Adult Kit, plus carefully selected books. This site is well worth visiting. Tom Golden LCSW of Washington, DC, is an internationally known psychotherapist, author, and speaker on the topic of healing from loss. Although his main focus is on gender differences in grief, there is much more on this site: articles; a place to post tributes; discussion; guest messages; extensive links page; suggestions; and excerpts from his two books. What makes this site different is that Marty Tousley, a hospice bereavement counselor, offers email grief courses, a newsletter, and help for grieving animal lovers. Also included, on all areas of grief, are articles, quotes, poems, and a discussion group. is a free weekly e-mail magazine filled with inspiring articles, poems, uplifting quotes, historic wonders, interesting news, humor and positive life coaching ... plus helpful tips on relationship skills, pet care, health, computing, world travel and more. The website is varied also. You will even find music to listen to and/or download. is a website from Australia that offered to link with LifeWords' site. Interesting Pages: An Index to Grief and Loss Sites on the World Wide Web; Recommended Books in their Bookshop, available at Amazon; and the Sympathy Pin. provides a variety of helpful links to resources on Coping with Loss from multiple sources. presents unique sympathy gift boxes filled with comforting items. The large variety allows for customizing to the personality and needs of the person in grief. For example: the Garden Kit to grow a tree, and the Comfort Box with music, tea, and a book. Let Acknowledgements enclose a card and ship your gift. features writings from a variety of classic and contemporary writers grieving people have found helpful and comforting. This includes five full-length books which can be freely downloaded, and a "Sharing Board," where persons share loss and grief with others. offers "Five Fast Steps to Better Writing," by Barbara Florio Graham. This is a handy resource for anyone who feels that writing about their grief will be therapeutic. Graham takes the reader through the writing process in a gentle and entertaining manner.


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