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Celebrating an Unknown Side of President Lincoln—as Cat Lover!

WINSTON-SALEM, NC: Where did President Abraham Lincoln turn to for comfort in times of stress? To cats! In one well-documented story, while visiting General Grant's encampment during the closing days of the Civil War, stressed out Lincoln cuddled three orphaned kittens in a telegraph hut, and instructed the colonel on duty to "see that these poor little motherless waifs are given plenty of milk and treated kindly." And Lincoln also may have been the first president to have cats in the White House, where he had several—including, oddly enough, one named Dixie.

Celebrating Lincoln's love for cats, author Marta Felber has released a charming new book, A Cat's Eye View of Life and Love, told from the point of view of Sterling the cat, who came to live with Felber after the death of her husband, and full of delicious photographs that will appeal to any cat lover.

Sterling's feline perspective covers relationships, philosophy, home routines, death and grieving, and of course, the feline-human companionship. Lincoln, one of America's more philosophical presidents, might have related to this poem of Sterling's:

It is okay to wonder why./Sometimes we know the answers./Sometimes we don't know the answers./Sometimes we can learn the answers later./It is okay to wonder why and never know the answers.

When he's not writing poetry, Sterling just observes and comments:

I saunter back into the kitchen, like Mister Cool Cat. You won't believe what I see. She has her head—yes, I said her head—in the sink under the spout where the water comes out. Whenever I have tried to drink water there I am told that is one of my no-no's. Funny M comes up for air, puts something on her head from a bottle, and goes down again! Can she swim? Then she turns off the water, grabs a towel, and begins to dry her hair. Does that make any sense at all? First she wets her hair, and then she dries it. Can you beat that?

A lifelong cat-lover, Marta Felber followed an international career in counseling (including ten years as Director of the Counseling Center for Expatriates in Jakarta, Indonesia) to write two books on grief and recovery when a spouse dies. She is the publisher of LifeWords Publishing, Sterling the Cat has his own website at Felber is available for interviews.

A Cat's Eye View of Life and Love, By Sterling, as told to Marta Felber
LifeWords Publishing
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